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A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics On War Crimes

News of war crimes have continued to hit headlines despite the concerted efforts which nations advocating for peace have put in place to stem out the vice. From Africa to Middle East, wars and deaths are all we hear about every day. Cases of atrocities are no longer news to many because human sufferings in the hands of extremists continue to be the order of the day. While the powerful nations have joined forces to bring peace by fighting off violent groups that continue to ravage peace in many parts of the world, a little is being achieved and one wonders for what role was the U.N peace keeping mission established. Most of these unrests are attributed to power struggles and political interests have seen opposing camps face brutality from the government of day. In some cases, leaders that want to stay in power through crude means have ordered for the execution of rivals and as such cases have seen no peaceful development but an escalation of war.

War crimes have been reported in countries where political power struggles have resulted to massive loss of life and property. From Sudan, Syria to Iraq, the government of the day has been accused of committing war crimes against humanity and it worries the citizens that despite the calls for arrest of such leaders, defiance by the very propagators of war is preventing administration of justice. As a student, there is plenty you can write in your research paper regarding war crimes and this company is among the leading online providers of tips on how to go about such a topic. Take a look at a list of some interesting war crimes topics below.

  • To begin with, war crimes is an extensive area of study and given the many violations which governments have committed regarding protection of human rights, a topic like, investigating the effectiveness of international criminal court of justice in protecting human rights would be an ideal one.

  • A look into the relation between Geneva conventions and their role in combating war crimes will also make a good topic.

  • Another area worth crafting a topic is the treatment of prisoners and war crimes committed against them. For example, investigation of murder cases in isolated prisons can make a good tropic.

  • Hostage killing is something common these days. Therefore a topic into the same can be ideal for a research paper.

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