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Little-known theories to mention when writing a research paper about John F. Kennedy assassination

What we know for certain about the death of John F. Kennedy is that he was assassinated on November 22 1963. He was killed by two bullets, one to the neck and one to the head while sitting in the back of an open top limousine whilst being driven through the Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. A man by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of his murder; however, not everyone believes this to be true and a number of conspiracy theories have emerged about his death, here are some of them.

The Mafia: There are some who believe that one of several mafia groups were responsible for his death. Advocates of this theory point to gang members such as Carlos Marcello who took the Fifth Amendment on the stand when he was called to testify. JFK was apparently a committee member and his brother RFK chief counsel to the committee of his mafia group.

The KGB: The theory is that Oswald was the one who pulled the trigger, but that he was given instructions from the KGB because of the USA and Russia conflict at the time.

Aliens: As ridiculous as this may sound, there are many people who believe that JFK had information about UFO activity. He was apparently killed to prevent the release of this information.

Illuminati: JFK was a member of the illuminati, a secret society involved in satanic worship. According to some conspiracy theorists, his death was a sacrifice.

The CIA: Prior to his death, JKF had announced that he would be bringing home all American soldiers in Vietnam by Christmas. He also cancelled the Cuba invasion and cancelled military contracts worth a total of $70 billion. He apparently felt as if he had been deceived by the CIA. His decisions were seen as him becoming their enemy which led to them assassinating him.

Lyndon N. Johnson: Everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Richard Nixon believed that he was responsible for the assassination. After JFK’s death, Johnson became commander in chief and apparently used his position to manipulate investigations in his role in the killing.

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